Educom Education Scholastic Aptitude Test

The Educom-Educational Solution Pvt Ltd. based in KINFRA Industrial Park Calicut established by a team of educators and professionals with a view to bringing about qualitative improvement in education sector.It is expanding its wings to all the stakeholders of education under the experienced leadership of educators and professionals.The team has framed a number of programmes.

About Eesat

One such programme is Eesat to identify and nurture is talented students in a global perspective Eesat(Educome Education Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a scientifically designed test to unleash the potentials of young generations in our schools. Of course, it is an endeavour to enrich,evaluated and excel the hidden talents and make them more competitive to stand up to the world.


  • Skill based
  • Curriculum based-NCERT/SCERT
  • Enrich what is being taught
  • Enhance real learning
  • Assess language proficiency
  • Evaluate scientific aptitude
  • Relate past and present through history and current affairs
  • NTSE/NMMS preparatory Examination
  • NCERT/SCERT text based

Mode of payment

The school is authorized to retain 10% of the registration fee to meet the expenses at the school. The rest of Rs:90/-per students is to be forwarded to the Eesat regional office.

Free Guide Books

The study materials for all classes are prepared strictly based on the curriculum NCERT/SCERT,Exclusive Guide Books will be provides for all those register with Eesat without any extra charge. Guide Books have been prepared separately for each Class.

Stage of Testing

The examination consists of two stages which are as follows

First Stage
- At school level-for all those enrolled.
Final Stage
- At regional level for those scoring Grade A+ at the First Stage.