Topel English

TOPEL ENGLISH LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT EXAMINATION FOR STUDENTS WITH THE SOLE OBJECTIVE OF DEVELOPING THEIR ENGLISH SKILLS . TOPEL ENGLISH is a unique system of guiding ,evaluating and certifying students. It is specially designed for students of non-english speaking countries in order to enable them speak and write better English,in smarter ways.


TOPEL ENGLISH is the result of extensive research and ground-level experiments for years by a group of experts belonging to linguistic,academic and social realms. It is not a mire examination, rather a comprehensive system for achieving excellence in the aquisition of English language,complementing the formal school education.To attain this noble objective,TOPEL ENGLISH Examination is meant for students from 3rd std to 12th std.

SPECIALLY LANGUAGE TEACHERS OF THE PARTNERING SCHOOLS ARE GIVEN SPECIAL GUIDANCE/TRAING FOR PREPARING THEIR STUDENTS FOR THE EXAMINATION. Serious involvement and repeated appearance in the examination will defenitely make the students highly confident and sqarely competent in the English language.

In spite of the expensive nature of the conduct of the exams, we are charge only a NOMINAL REGISTRATION FEE OF RS 200 /- PER YEAR in order to make it accessible for every student. All of the students of your school studying in classes from 3rd std to 12th std may be encouraged to get registered to the TOPEL ENGLISH thus ensuring a brighter prospect of proficiency in English language.

For complete details,please download the attachment and motivate maximum number of students for this highly competitive and prestigious Examination.